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  • How do I upgrade my current membership to a Premium Membership?
    The easiest way to upgrade is to reach out to us at . Let us know your current membership option and the one you would like to upgrade to.
  • What is the difference between Basic and Premium Membership?
    Basic Membership comes with unrestricted 24/7 access to the facility for those with an active membership under that account. Premium Membership also includes 24/7 access to the facility, but has additional perks. Premium Members get access to a special referral code to bring a friend for free with them when they work out. Additionally, Premium Members get 25% off anything sold in the gym (fridge drinks, grab-and-go meals, supplements, merch, etc).
  • How do I purchase products at the gym?
    1. Open your Gym Master App. 2. Hit the Menu Button on the left. 3. Select "Buy Products". 4. Open the relevant section (Drinks for the cooler, Grab-And-Go for freezer, supplements for supplement shelf, etc). 5. Click the plus (+) symbol next to the item you want. 6. Scroll down and click "Checkout". 7. Confirm purchase with "Buy Now". You will receive an email receipt of your purchase.
  • How do I sign up for The Bar and get access?
    Signing up is easy! We are fully online with our sign up process and access is instant. Simply click the Join Now button below to get started. You'll see all our membership options and prices listed there. After signing up, you'll receive a welcome email which includes a link to download our app. Use the "Bluetooth Check-In" Button at the door to check in!
  • Do you have any hidden fees/service charges?
    No. At The Bar, we don't believe in hiding any service fees in our contracts. There are no cancellation fees, annual fees, administration fees, or service fees. Sign-up fees do apply for automatic payment memberships and are clearly stated during the sign-up process.
  • Do you offer day passes or week passes?
    Absolutely! Day/Week passes are a normal offering here. We welcome out-of-town visitors who are just on their way through and need a quick lift. Follow the Join Now button, click Sign Up and check out the "Visitors" section of membership options.
  • I am a Premium Member. How do I send my friend a visitor pass?
    Easy! Go into your Gym Master App. Along the top, you will see "Refer a Friend". In that section is a "Visitor Pass" code. Click "Copy URL Link" and send that to your friend. It will unlock the visitor pass and have them complete a sign up process. Please note - while the Visitor Pass is free, we do require payment information on file for visitors. Nothing is billed automatically. This is part of our identity verification process and enables them to purchase products at the gym if they choose.
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